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Featured Plants

Rosa roxburghii

Collected as seed at 1250 meters in Sichuan, China on October 7, 1996 by Mark Flanagan, Charles Howick, Tony Kirkham, and William McNamara.  Numerous blooms cover this rose from March through July with 5-petaled, slightly fragrant, pink to rose-purple/ red single flowers.  Even more impressive is the subsequent show of large, globose hips from which it gets its common name, the Chestnut rose.  Hips adorn the bush from August through October, deep yellow in color when mature and covered with large, decorative prickles.  This rose grows 1-2.5 meters in height with arching canes that bear leaves with 9-15 small, graceful leaflets.  It is native to a wide area of central and southern China as well as Japan, and is used medicinally, both for its roots and fruits.  Its hips are edible with a sweet & sour taste, and are also used in a fermented wine.