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Featured Plants

Clerodendrum trichotomum

Originally discovered by Swedish naturalist and plant hunter Carl Peter Thunberg, this shrub or small tree in the family Lamiaceae is native to China, Japan and Korea. It is notable for it's clouds of small jasmine-like tubular white flowers which form in late summer and fall - providing garden color when many other flowering plants have finished - these trees are stunning where they are planted in Quarryhill. Bright blue berries surrounded by red calyxes follow bloom. As a small tree it may reach 20 feet tall by 10-12 feet across.

Harlequin glorybower is it's normally used common name, but it is sometimes called peanut butter tree due to a singular aroma which emanates from the leaves when bruised. Clerodendrum derives from the Greek words klero (fate) and dendron (tree), giving rise also to the infrequently used common name fate tree.

Collected originally in the wild for Quarryhill in 1989 by McNamara, Maunder and Tsukie on Honshu, Japan at 1020 meters elevation.