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Stewartia Grove



Stewartia species at Quarryhill:

Stewartia  monadelpha 
Stewartia  pseudocamellia
Stewartia  pteropetiolata
Stewartia  rostrata 
Stewartia  sinensis




Stewartia are flowering trees which are among the most beautiful of all. Stewartia is a relatively small species, and many of those have been collected and are growing at Quarryhill.

This quiet and serene grove is dedicated to volunteer Sam Douglas, who, on passing in 2006, left the bulk of his estate to Quarryhill as a legacy gift. A bronze plaque on a granite stone in the grove honors the memory of Sam, and his legacy to the garden. For more information on Legacy Gifts see the Giving section.






Stewartia calcicola
Stewartia cordifolia
Stewartia crassifolia
Stewartia densivillosa
Stewartia koreana
Stewartia laotica
Stewartia malacodendron
Stewartia medogensis
Stewartia micrantha
Stewartia monadelpha
Stewartia obovata
Stewartia ovata
Stewartia pseudocamellia
Stewartia pteropetiolata
Stewartia rostrata
Stewartia rubiginosa
Stewartia serrata
Stewartia sichuanensis
Stewartia sinensis
Stewartia sinii
Stewartia villosa